The Human Capital Engine

Stratcona involves THCE in organisational strategy and transformation management to improve business efficiency.

THCE is a leader in organisational transformation, enabling organisations to meet the legislative, social and market-related challenges of transformation through social-based programmes and interventions.

Our diverse and highly qualified facilitation team, led by Professor Jackie Naudé, live by the motto that transformation is a journey where we change our mindsets and behaviours to build new relationships and reate business excellence.

Our core services include leadership development and executive coaching, focusing on transformational leadership; personal development including issues around women empowerment, social and emotional intelligence, analytical thinking and dealing with change, plus cognitive mentoring.

We also offer development of interpersonal relations, diversity management, discrimination awareness, team enhancement, empowered communication, intercultural communication and conflict management. We provide assistance with legislative compliance, including all EE related matters. Our processes include strategy development, employer branding, change management; organisational values, employee wellness.