Neil Butcher & Associates

Stratcona’s partner in projects relating to the learning environment, in particular blended learning and the introduction of technology into education.

Neil Butcher & Associates focuses on the development of education in South Africa, Africa and beyond. We are committed to improving equitable access, quality, and effectiveness of education in developing countries. We believe that innovative teaching methodologies and judicious use of technology to enhance learning are key success factors for effective education.

Core services include strategic planning and policy advice to significant role players in education planning and implementation; designing projects and preparing detailed implementation strategies for educational initiatives of all scales; and conducting research and evaluation in the education sector.

We also develop and aggregate content for course, curriculum and training materials development; working in multiple media including print, video, audio and online multimedia; and support, develop and promote the use of Open Education Resources (OER) while harnessing the use of open-source and proprietary ICT systems to develop online portals, specialising particularly in content development and management services.

Additionally we develop the capacity of educators to harness technology effectively to design and implement effective educational courses and programmes.