Danie Kok

A specialist in the area of advanced human capital development within a technology-based environment, Danie Kok has devoted decades to research into and the implementation of structures that utilise technology to positively influence socio-economic development and open new markets.

His experience in higher education, further and distance education and training; plus organisational and partnership development spans 25 years and a variety of roles, including:

  • Vice-Principal at Technikon SA.
  • Development, Marketing and Communication Director at various universities and colleges.
  • Founder and head of SAP Research in Pretoria, South Africa.
  • Joint Chief Executive Officer of the SAP Meraka Unit for Technology Development. (Here, research is focused on identifying new business opportunities linked to technology solutions for emerging economies.)

In terms of its collaboration agreement with the SA Government SAP Research also contributes to advanced human capital development and studies the impact ICT can have on socio-economic development.