Developing teaching methodologies for the further-education sector that are relevant to an emerging economy.

The aim

To improve the delivery of maths and science education at secondary schools through the upskilling of teachers in situ.

The project

A contextualised blended and e-learning project in the North West Province, run by SAP Research Centre Pretoria, headed up by Danie Kok

The results

Almost 70% of participating teachers passed, laying the groundwork for what was to become a research organisation that focused on developing technology and innovative products and solutions specifically for an emerging economy. This was the first mulitinational public private partnership in the IT space in South Africa.

For more detailed information on case studies, contact Danie Kok.

Client endorsement

“As a PhD Research Associate at SAP Research Pretoria I was exposed to one of the most innovative PhD Research Programmes in the country (if not globally). Danie Kok and his management team created a structured platform for learning, which served as the springboard for growth and success in both research and business. It was an environment which inspired and lived the values of thought leadership through its focus on multidisciplinary teamwork. Danie Kok, through his keen sense of foresight, was instrumental in developing my leadership, communication, and strategy development skills. His coaching and mentorship has inspired me both personally and professionally to excel and to make a valuable contribution in all my endeavours in life.”
– Dr Akash Singh, PHD