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Stratcona is a small consultancy,
 offering services on demand and working to develop partnerships that promote growth in South Africa.

About Us

Stratcona is a network of specialists hand-picked by Danie Kok, an expert consultant with a particular interest in capacity development for growth in business and the community.

Having devoted decades to researching how technology can positively influence socio-economic development and open new markets, Danie established Stratcona as an agile, results-driven alliance offering consulting in the fields of:

  • Advanced human capital development.
  • ICT research, innovation and educational transformation.
  • Government-industry-university-community collaboration.
  • Institutional development & funding.
  • Organisational strategy & transformation management.
  • Communications management.

Alliance members

We draw on a carefully chosen network of trusted partner consultants and subject-matter experts. To read more about these alliance members, click on the logos below.

Our Work in education

We believe that education is the key to powering our economy and advancing our society, and without a healthy education sector, we’re lost. That’s why we decided to specialise in building the structures, processes and strategies that drive growth of this sector.

Our work’s practical and designed with clear outcomes in mind – to deliver the skills that will generate jobs and human capital, advance and commercialise research, and foster a sustainable culture of learning and innovation.

Innovation & transformation of educational institutions

We work at an institutional level to gain insights, craft practical approaches and strategies, and create internal alignment. We champion the introduction of technology and blended learning.

Government-industry-university collaboration

We help tertiary institutions and industry to solve problems, build research and learning capacity by way of innovation, incubation and advanced human capital development, in support of governments’ ICT research roadmap.

Institutional development & funding

We work with stakeholders to establish sustainable business models, and create the structures required to fund new education and training institutions; as well as improving existing ones.

Consulting work

We work with investors and policymakers, entrepreneurs and CEOs, government and the private sector to establish alliances that help our clients achieve their goals. Our collaborative process aligns interests to establish healthy, interdependent ecosystems in which partners work together efficiently and productively.

From the simplest assignment to help a client take advantage of tax incentives and grants, to building complex public-private partnerships, we assemble the right team as catalysts for sustainable growth.

Organisational strategy & transformation management

We help organisations identify and overcome latent organisational prejudices and remove barriers to harmony in the workplace, and to use diversity to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Communications management

From market research to crisis management, media strategy to brand-building, we position our clients in the best possible light, and help them achieve clear, bold and transparent communication.

Case studies & ongoing projects

  • "Danie was instrumental in developing my leadership, communication, and strategy skills. His coaching and mentorship inspired me to excel."
    Dr Akash Singh, PhD
    Research Associate, SAP Research
  • "Stratcona’s contribution in coordinating and managing this complex blended-learning project has been invaluable."
    Deon de Villiers, CEO
    National Institute for the Deaf
  • "Danie taps into his vast network of partnerships to create links between the Institute and other individuals and organisations."
    Karen Hollely, General Manager
    Institute for Child Witness Research and Training
  • "Danie is well connected on a high level with the corporate world and government, nationally and internationally."
    Enrico M Jacobs, Vice-Chancellor
    The Belgium Campus
  • "Mr Kok is able to bring together funders, vendors and customers to help make researchers’ dreams a reality."
    Philip Langenhoven, Managing Director
    Leco Africa

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    871B Burgess Avenue, Moreleta Park, Pretoria, 0181

  +27 12 997 2863 / +27 83 377 2935

  +27 864 351 264